Financing: Our Specialty

M&W has helped secure financing for ninety percent of clients in excess of $300 million over the last twenty years.

We review the client's tax returns and credit score and present the information to a financial institution that is favorable to the client's financial situation and understands the business and property involved in the purchase.

We use conventional loans as well as SBA, depending on the client's goals in the purchase.  As the financial conditions change nationally and in the state of Texas, we adapt to the situation and help our clients obtain the financing most favorable to their situation.

We review the property being purchased, the client's financial situation, and the banking institutions available for their situation, and nearly always find a workable situation that is a win-win for the bank and our client.

We rarely have a situation where the client is not able to obtain the loan requested. In other words, we appraise the situation before approaching the bank.  Most years, we do not have a single turndown on a loan

We finance business purchase without property, property loans with an operating business, and land purchased to develop a business.

Doing business with M&W is a win-win situation for clients who buy from us. We do not charge for our service in helping our clients complete a successful purchase. We have many, many clients who recommend us.


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