307 | Wine and Spirits Store | Killeen, Texas

Store Highlights

  • Inside Sales Average: $45,000 per month
  • Has cold "beer cave" and liquor freezer
  • Includes commercial kitchen
  • Sale includes liquor store property and attached storage building
  • Price:  $410,000

Business Description

This liquor store was established in 2011, and dominates the Killeen downtown area, with the nearest liquor store over a mile away in any direction. This is the ideal location for any liquor store for a number of reasons. The first is that, unlike in urban residential areas, customers are coming in from the moment the doors open in the morning until closing time. This means that the inventory needed to be stocked is very predictable, since customers' tastes and purchasing habits are very defined. It also receives a minimum of five deliveries a week, meaning that it can respond quickly to new products or special orders.

This store comes with a number of security features, such as the CCTV system. The cameras are strategically placed to cover all areas so that customers can be tracked continuously. Additionally, all liquor is soft-label security tagged. There is a detector tower set back nine feet from the entrance door, and that door has a magnetic lock that is activated by a switch next to the cash register. Everyone in the area knows about the loss prevention system, so attempted theft is a rare occurrence. Over the years, the store has built a strong relationship with the community, and has a very loyal customer base.

The store also has a fully fitted commercial kitchen. It is currently unused, but could be reopened at any time. Whether you run it yourself or rent it out, it is another very good source of revenue.

Two excellent features are the beer cave and liquor freezer. The beer cave is the coldest and best-stocked cave in the area, with the temperature kept at 32 degrees. When it’s 105 outside, it’s a big draw! Also, the store has a freezer full of liquor, which customers really appreciate. And, keeping with all things cold, it has 32 square feet of beer on ice.

Video and Map